About Aaron Brown


I consider myself one of the lucky ones... having the privilege of being raised in North County.  I have seen first hand, our sleepy coastal towns turn into thriving beach communities  I spent my time in college away from San Diego, and in that time learned to appreciate all this great city has to offer. 

Prior to real estate I held several leadership positions at local non-profit organizations. It is this experience that helped not only shape my real estate approach, but my approach to life: Putting the needs of others ahead of my own.  I truly have a passion for people and being of service.  I am also extremely competitive and hard working. I believe it is the combination of these qualities that set me apart from other agents. In my spare time you can most likely find me on a basketball court, walking my dog along 101, or trying a new local restaurant.

About Fetch Properties


Fetch Properties is a full service residential real estate business dedicated to giving back to the communties it serves.  We have the heart of non-profit and the tenacity and knowledge of a real estate pro.  We believe everyone should have an opportunity to own a house, and every dog should have the chance to have a home.  We look forward to helping you chase down a buyer for your home, or help you fetch the perfect home.


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Aaron Brown